CommUNITY should lift us, always. If it’s not, then we’re doing it wrong. Civil discourse and expanding our sense of SELF and our understanding of others and the world we live in has become digital. Social Media has afforded opportunity to connect with others at a distance, creating new communities certainly, and holds value to be sure, but there is no substitute for shared space and the energy exchange that inevitably occurs.

Body language, often subtle, cannot be read or understood with compassion or truth from a selfie or rehearsed video. When you are face to face with another, courtesy and compassion are the default.

When we gather with those of our tribe, our energy is lifted. Engaging with others face to face in a shared space, exchanging ideas and stories, skills, and understanding, we are restored. And when we are full, we have more to give of ourselves, to our family, friends, and community.



 Capricorn Rising | Leo Moon

Libra Sun

A wearer of many hats, a being of many names. Like a feather I dance with the winds of change. Living intentionally through the seasons on my family’s 5 acre farmette where Gather At The Studio is located. I have always loved creating beautiful experiences for others. Having a background with certifications in the healing arts, and creating a business modeled around the art of self care using tea as the medium, has given me a beautiful foundation in which to draw wisdom and inspiration from.

After earning a certification in Permaculture Design through OSU, it occurred to me that my area of interest was not just replenishing the tired land upon which we live, but to gather like-mined folk together in a sacred space where we can honor the seasonal wheel, share wisdom, practice ancestral arts, and circle up in ceremony & ritual.

As a practitioner of Earth based spirituality, I have had the great fortune and privilege to have many wonderful mentors along the way. Their sharing of knowledge and wisdom has provided me with a spiritual tool kit that I look forward to sharing with my community. Even if you are of a certain faith, there is always room to add a little magic to your life.

At the age of 40 and being a mom to 3 wild boys, a wife to a local politician (currently campaigning), a wrangler of furred and feather friends, and a steward of our land, I know how busy life can get. We easily forget to tend to ourselves. After a long career in guiding others through self care practices, I look forward to cultivating a space for others to tend to their needs in a sacred and welcoming way."

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 Virgo Rising | SAGITTARIUS Moon

Scorpio Sun

I wish I could wax poetic about who I believe myself to be, what I’ve accomplished in my 39 years, where I’m at and where I’m going, but as of late I find myself suspended in the void, all previous goals, ideas about SELF and the world around me wiped or redefined. The truth is, I’m free. Free of expectations, free of shame, free of guilt, and fear. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’ve chosen to. For me that means being a mom. Motherhood doesn’t define me, but it sure as hell takes up most of my time, energy, and mental capacity. Once upon a time I studied biology, conservation and ecology, and I was all in, that was my goal, my dream, my whole life. I have been a Reiki practitioner for over 20 years, a past life regression facilitator, a certified permaculture designer, an author, and still, none of it defines me; but it’s made me who I am. My ideas, my goals, and my sense of SELF have been altered. What lies before me now is an infinite expanse of possibilities and I'm choosing to meet each opportunity with curiosity and excitement.

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