Medicine Talks: Meet Katie Grace of Wild Grace Apothecary

Katie Grace is an herbalist, healer and the proprietress behind Wild Grace Apothecary. Katie will be leading a Medicine Talk on the herbal ally, Motherwort. She will inspire you with her grounded and nurturing nature, along with her vast knowledge of medicinal plant allies. Reserve your spot and hope you join us October 6th for an afternoon of myth, medicine and magic


What inspired you to become an herbalist?

A combination of things really. I've always been drawn to history and the old ways. When I was about 7, my uncle told me about how people used to use plants for medicine, which absolutely fascinated me. I'd grind up basil and rosemary in my little mortar and pestle and imagine what that medicine could be used for. When I smell those herbs, that's still the memory that floats up. Later on in college I struggled a lot with anxiety, depression, and disordered eating and began reading about alternative therapies, including plant medicine, that could help in navigating my way through those challenges. Now, the seasonality of plants and Nature at large speaks to me. We need different things depending on our environment and the season. The way the energetics of how the plants interact with us and vice versa shifts throughout the year, to me, informs how we can relate with the land we inhabit. 

I decided to channel my curiosity about plants into crafting high quality, organic botanical skincare that was more affordable than a lot of what's out there. There's a ton of plant-based skincare companies, but we focus on creating effective and accessible products with simple recipes based on what you might find in your own garden.

Where did you receive your guidance and education?

I'm mostly self-taught, though I've taken lots of classes and workshops with various herbalists. I read a lot. Books, blogs, articles, monographs. More importantly I spend a lot of time listening to plants and observing how I feel in their presence, whether or not I consume them, and try to learn what they have to teach us aside from what they can do for us medicinally. 

What are your current favorite herbs to work with during the Autumn season?

My current favorites are Ashwaganda, Hawthorn berry, Chicory root, and Motherwort. Herbs that help me ground, soften, be more present. Autumn is my favorite season and I don't want to miss any of it because I was distracted or too busy!

You also offer other services beside your amazing herbal offerings Tell us a bit about what they are.

I like to think that everything I offer is an invitation for people to have an experience in their bodies. Aside from making botanical skincare products that focus on the seasonal nature of our bodies and minds, I also practice craniosacral work in which my client and I work with their dreambody to unwind emotional and physical tension in their bones, organs, and other soft tissue so that they can feel more present, comfortable, vibrant, and grounded. 


Katie crafts beautiful seasonal medicine. To honor the coming season of Autumn she is  releasing her Mabon Wild Medicine Bundle. These bundles are superbly crafted to help you align with the rhythms of each season. Katie will have many herbal offerings available for purchase at the Medicine Talk. I recommend supporting her work and treating yourself to a Mabon bundle!


Wild Grace Apothecary


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