Meet Emily Penn: Good Medicine Nutrition


A few months ago we reached out to Emily after discovering her through Instagram. She is a vibrant soul with a great story of how she found healing from a troubled past through a healthy food diet. We are thrilled to have her out to the studio to share her love of nutrition with the community.

We invite you to gather with us on December 1st for her Winter Wonder Foods class. Where Emily will share with us a recipe that will help prepare our bodies and mind for the coming season of Winter.

What inspired you to become a nutritionist and a health coach?

It was a series of things, starting with my interest in food and cooking from a young age. I spent my junior year abroad living in Paris with a host mother, eating the most incredible food from the abundance of markets in the city, most often simply prepared with olive oil, salt and pepper. My taste buds experienced a reverse-culture shock when I returned, so I began to seek out farmers markets and ways to simply prepare my own food. A vegan self-experiment in 2012 left me feeling better than ever, with diminished feelings of anxiety and depression. I went on to manage a health-focused cold-press juice company in Portland, where I started really learning about the medicinal value of food and herbs. I began to spend all my spare time learning about food and nutrition.

Food is a portal to becoming the best version of yourself. The whole process of learning about nutrition, viewing food in a new light and experimenting with different ways of eating has led to all sorts of personal transformations as well. I wanted to become a nutritionist and health coach to help guide other people on the same journey. Start with nourishing yourself properly and see where energy for other pursuits opens up in your life.

Where did you receive your training? What did you love about it?

I have my undergraduate degree in Sociology from Smith College in Northampton, MA. I went through Portland Community College's certification program in Functional Nutrition and I'm Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. I loved that PCC's program included modules on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These ancient schools of thought have so much to teach us about modern prevention and treatment of disease.

You also offer handcrafted granola. What inspired you to create it?

A few years ago, I became really determined to make as many things as I could myself. So often the things we buy from the store are loaded with added sugars, vegetable oils, chemicals and preservatives and these same things are usually easy to make at home. I started with granola. My favorite recipes have changed and evolved over the years. My current favorite granola is a grain-free version made with coconut, cashews and pecans. The ingredients are so naturally sweet, you only need a little bit of maple syrup to make it pop.

What is your favorite service you offer and why?

I love my counseling sessions. I really enjoy sitting down with someone and getting to know them, their relationship to food and their motivation to change. When someone really taps in to their own motivation and energy, the results are so inspiring! I'm the guide - I provide knowledge and practical tips and ideas about food, but it's really my client who's doing all the work.

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I also love Meal Delivery because I love cooking - I'd spend all day in the kitchen if I could! Preparing nourishing, healing meals for people gives me a great sense of satisfaction. The Pantry Clean Outs and Organizations are really fun because we get rid of the stuff that's not going to support someone's health and set them up for success in the most basic of ways. It sounds simple, but wiping the slate clean is helpful for a lot of people.

Tell us a bit about where you work and the healing collective you are a part of?

I do local Nutrition Counseling sessions out of my office at Ripple Wellness in Washougal, WA. We're a community wellness center that really focuses on collaborative patient care. We offer acupuncture, massage, naturopathic medicine, and yoga therapy. We also offer many community events and workshops covering all sorts of wellness-related topics. It's amazing to be working alongside like-minded practitioners who I can continually learn from! All my other services are offered privately and I do distance counseling sessions as well.

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