Gather At The Studio

Community gathering space in Southwest Washington. Hosting women's circles and workshops around, wellness, skill sharing, ancestral arts & seasonal nature based celebrations. Private event rental available.

Once upon a time two friends walked along a stone path contemplating life, their dreams, and goals for the future, when a fated dream was remembered. The ever-present ember of creation was quickly stoked, building from a flicker to a flame, and Gather At The Studio was born.

Our seasonally curated events will leave you feeling inspired, nurtured and centered. We hand select amazing teachers, guides and crafty folks from all over the PNW. Check out our upcoming events and Gather At The Studio with us!

Let's gather together in this space, hand in hand - heart to heart - eye to eye. This space needs your voice and wisdom. Sharing your crafts, recipes and stories will keep the fires burning through each season. We all have our role. Some of us are strong guides, while some of us provide protection. Some of us offer insight and some of us provide beauty. We work together in harmony.

…In circles where we face ourselves, we listen like a miracle, and I reclaim the song which is mine… - Janice Mirikitani